Teeth Grinding

Do you or a loved one have a problem with teeth grinding or jaw clenching? These common issues, unfortunately, have very negative consequences if untreated. Here at Kitchener Family Dental, we strongly advise you deal with the problem immediately. From the youngest children to senior citizens, everyone is at risk for this condition and its repercussions, so read on to learn more today.


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Any dentistry professional worth their salt will tell you that teeth grinding and jaw clenching should be addressed immediately. Without treatment, these habits can wear down teeth, cause headaches and earaches, lead to serious neck pain, cause temporomandibular disorder (TMD), interrupt your sleep (or your partner’s), crack your fillings and even lead to tooth loss. It’s important that watching out for and treating this condition be a regular part of your dentistry checkups.

What Are the Jaw Clenching and Teeth Grinding Causes?

For the most part, jaw clenching and teeth grinding causes stem from stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. Without a proper outlet, your body doesn’t know how to release the stress, and so it clenches your jaw or moves it back and forth, resulting in teeth grinding.

Jaw Clenching and Teeth Grinding Remedies

If you or a family member is experiencing this problem, you can try a number of jaw clenching and teeth grinding remedies. These include a lifestyle of reduced stress and anxiety, such as switching jobs or taking your child out of a competitive environment that doesn’t suit them. Other teeth grinding remedies include sleeping more (which reduces stress), avoid foods to which you are sensitive or allergic, and getting a mouth guard.

Come See a Dentist for a Mouth Guard Today

If you haven’t found another remedy that works for grinding and clenching, ask your dentist about a mouth guard. A mouth guard is a device that prevents your teeth from grinding against one another and provides a soft, flexible surface into which you can bite without damaging your jaw. It is very effective at preventing grinding and clenching and is a tool you should consider if anyone in your family is suffering from these conditions.

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