Root Canal Surgery

Root Canal Surgery at Kitchener East Family Dental

Pain in your teeth impacts your lifestyle by preventing you from enjoying your meals. In some situations, Dr. Gangwani will recommend a root canal or an extraction as a solution to help with the pain. By understanding the surgical procedure, you will be able to obtain the treatment you need to reduce your pain and protect your teeth.


What is a Root Canal?

A root canal from your Kitchener dentist is a process used to remove inflamed pulp from the inside of your teeth. The pulp is the soft tissue at the center of your teeth. When it becomes inflamed or infected from external factors, it causes physical pain and sensitivity in your teeth. By removing the soft tissue, you eliminate the source of your discomfort.

The surgical procedure ensures that you do not need a tooth extraction. Instead of removing the entire tooth, you remove a portion of the tooth and then use a cap to protect the remaining portion of the tooth. It maintains the appearance of your smile while addressing the underlying cause of your pain.

Common Reasons for Root Canal Surgery

Our dentist may recommend root canal surgery for various reasons. By identifying common reasons for the treatment and procedure, you determine when it may be appropriate for your teeth.

Common reasons to consider the surgical procedure include:

  • Decay or large cavities in your teeth that reach the pulp
  • Cracked teeth
  • Broken teeth, particularly when the damage to the tooth is limited and most of the tooth remains intact
  • Tooth injuries, even when it does not leave a visible chip or crack
  • Multiple dental treatments on the same tooth
  • Inflammation that spreads to the pulp of the tooth

Our dentist recommends the procedure to address the pain you experience. The underlying cause of inflammation or an infection in the pulp of your tooth depends on your situation and may stem from injuries, lifestyle factors or even previous work on the tooth.

How Dr. Gangwani Performs the Surgery

Our dentist performs the surgical procedure after evaluating your situation and the location of the tooth. During the procedure, the tooth, gums and the surrounding areas of the tooth are numbed to prevent you from feeling pain or discomfort. Latex rubber or a similar material is placed over the tooth so it remains dry throughout the procedure.

After preparing your tooth, a dentist makes a hole or opening through the crown, or the top, of the tooth. We remove the pulp from the tooth before cleaning the interior of the tooth. We then shape the inside of your tooth to ensure that it fills in properly. 

When your tooth is ready, we put medicine to prevent bacterial growth inside the tooth before filling it to seal off the area. A temporary filling protects your tooth until we make a crown for your tooth. The crown may take time before it arrives, so you will have a temporary filling or crown until it arrives. The final step of the procedure is covering the tooth with a permanent crown.

Contact Our Friendly Kitchener East Family Dental Staff for More Information Today!

A root canal from our dentist in our clinic provides a solution to protect your teeth from extraction. It limits the risks to your teeth and addresses the discomfort from inflammation. To learn more about the surgical procedure or to set up an appointment with a dentist in our clinic, call (519) 578-2419 today.

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