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Whether you would like your teeth to be blindingly white or you have missing or broken teeth, the team at Kitchener East Family Dental can help! Our Kitchener dentists are committed to giving all of our patients a bright smile and providing dentures or veneers as necessary. A beautiful smile helps you to greet the world with confidence and positivity, and our dentist is here to provide that bright white smile that you have always wanted. 


Following Your Dental Exam, Our Dentist Will Work With You to Find Your Perfect Smile

There will be an adjustment period for your new dentures or overdentures as your mouth gets used to them. However, after this period you should not experience any problems with your dentures at all. Call today to schedule an exam and learn how prosthodontics can help improve your overall health and appearance. Our team is here to address all of your questions and concerns! We recommend that our patients receive a thorough dental exam every six months in order to stay on top of any problems or dentistry issues.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are fully removable and are cleaned by placing them in a glass with a cleaning solvent. If you have teeth that are broken or damaged that need to be pulled, the entire process can take several weeks to a few months. All of your remaining teeth will need to be removed and we will then need to wait until your gum tissue has healed completely.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are also fully removable and can be a temporary solution while your teeth heal. We will take an imprint of your mouth and jaw prior to the removal of your teeth to fit your temporary dentures. These teeth can be worn while the gum tissue heals but may need to be refitted after your gums have completely healed.


Overdentures are a partial solution that can help you keep your remaining teeth that are healthy which in turn helps you to maintain a strong and healthy jawbone. This denture will fit over the healthy teeth which have been specially treated. If you take this option, you will need to brush your remaining teeth as normal and treat the overdenture with a solvent. A similar option is to use permanent implants in place of the overdenture.

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Want to learn more about prosthodontics and how they can help you? Call our Kitchener dentists today at (519) 578-2419 to schedule a consultation, we are conveniently located at 85 East Avenue in Kitchener.

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