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  • New Understanding of Bacteria Promises Better Approaches to Oral Care
    Mention “bacteria” and people begin looking for the germicide. The truth is, though, only a few strains cause disease — the rest are benign or even play a beneficial role.This Read more
  • Bobby Bones Dances His Way to Dental Damage
    The long-running hit show Dancing with the Stars has had its share of memorable moments, including a wedding proposal, a wardrobe malfunction, and lots of sharp dance moves. But just Read more
  • How to Handle 3 Common Injuries to Your Child's Mouth
    Once they learn to walk, there's no stopping most children. Sometimes it can be a little jarring, as when you discover your toddler on top of the kitchen counter reaching Read more
  • How to Deal with that Irritating Mouth Sore you keep Re-Biting
    We've all done it — suddenly bit the inside of our mouth while chewing food. All too often our cheek, lip or tongue finds itself in the way of our Read more
  • Five Things to Know About Bleeding Gums
    Did you ever brush your teeth and find that your gums were bleeding slightly? This unwelcome discovery is more common than you might think — and it might have something Read more
  • Viggo Mortensen's Red-Carpet Smile
    The Golden Globes ceremony is a night when Hollywood stars shine their brightest. At the recent red-carpet event, leading man Viggo Mortensen had plenty to smile about: Green Book, the Read more
  • What Can a Toothache Mean?
    Treat Your Toothache at Kitchener East Family Dental Today! A toothache can mean several things, especially when pain is involved. Proper evaluation and diagnosis of a toothache can determine the true Read more
  • Causes of Sensitive Teeth
    Sensitivity and Your Teeth: Tips from Kitchener East Family Dental in Kitchener, Ontario Dental sensitivity is one of the main complaints of patients who go to the dentist. They seek help Read more
  • Back To School Annual Dental Exams
    What to Know About Dental Exams for Children To start the year off right, parents should schedule a dental exam as part of the dentistry services recommended to support a child’s Read more
  • Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth
    Our Kitchener Dentists Recommend These 7 Foods That Are Good For Your Smile A regular checkup with your dentist in Kitchener is one of the most important tools you have to Read more
  • Tooth Decay Can Affect Your Health
    Ways Tooth Decay Can Affect Your Health in Kitchener The way our smile looks says a lot about our personality and can affect the way we feel as we go about Read more
  • What Is Malocclusion?
    What Is Malocclusion? Human teeth are meant to close in a precise manner, with the upper teeth slightly overhanging the lower teeth. When that doesn’t happen – such as when teeth Read more
  • 5 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened
    5 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened Whether you realize it or not, the benefits of teeth whitening can improve various aspects of your life. It's more than just a cosmetic Read more
  • Root Canal Diagnosis and Treatment
    Root Canal Diagnosis and Treatment from Your Kitchener Dentist Here at Kitchener East Family Dental, we pride ourselves on offering excellent dental care to the entire family. Whether you need orthodontics, Read more
  • Help Managing Tooth Sensitivity
    Tooth Sensitivity Treatment from Our Kitchener, Ontario Dentist At Kitchener East Family Dentist, Dr. Gangwani provides treatment and management options for those suffering from tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity to hot and cold Read more
  • What is Cosmetic Dentistry?
    Family Dentistry Practice Offers Cosmetic Dentistry There are lots of reasons to walk into the office of your local dentist near Kitchener. Regular cleanings and dental exams, a tooth ache, or even Read more

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